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Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is the most ignored area of a house. Generally people consider it as a place to clean up oneself and do private things. Bathrooms should be considered at par in terms of its importance and maintenace with other parts of the home. In fact bathrooms are the essential rooms of a house and should reflect your style and personality. Home owners who intend to sell their homes generally consider renovating the bathroom to maximise the value if the property. However bathroom renovation is not an easy thing. Renovations may include replacing the flooring tiles and the fixtures and apppliances that go with it. A bathroom should be constructed and designed in such a way that it is comfortable and safe for the entire family.

Need for a bathroom renovation:

Bathroom renovation planning is an important aspect of home renovation project. The need for bathroom renovatios work arise when you wish to transform an ugly and a hardly fuctional bathroom into a sparkling clean and new one. Over the years due to the accumulation of moisture the structural beams, wall studs and windows will be falling out or the paints will be peeling off. It is the time you think of a bathroom renovation work. When the surface tiles have worn off and you wish to alter the flooring or make some minor changes in the layout or the structural elements then you should consider renovating a bathroom. If you wish to upgrade the shower, toilets, bath tubs or faucets then also one can initiate the bathroom remodelling task.

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Assessing the structural condition, the bathroom flooring and the fixtures is critical when deciding on the renovation work. If your present bathroom is fairly run out then you have to consider a major repair. In case of bathroom refurbishments if you feel there is a need for structural alteration, replacement of tiling, flooring, cabinetry and fixtures than it high time you opt for an entire renovation work. However if you feel that the major aspects of the bathroom work well then it is best to implement minor renovations to the exisiting structure. This may include fixing up of a new shower or just replacing the exisiting fixtures and fittings with newly introduced models which will make a lot of difference to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Time taken for renovation of bathroom:

The time duration entirely depends on the extent of bathroom renovation work to be undertaken. Bathrooms are genrally small and does not involve extensive electrical and vent work. However bathrooms require plumbing work and this may involve unnecessary delays if there are problems in the floor. There is always a risk of damage to the rooms beneath the bathrooms, hence bathroom renovations can take two to four weeks also. A simple bathroom remodel will take approximately two to three weeks time. However if you wish to reconfigure the room and replace the fixtures then it will take three to four weeks time.

Bathroom renovation legals in Australia:

Bathroom renovation work in Australia has to satisfy all the legal requirements. There is no need to get the council approval for bathroom renovation unless you make major alterations in the plumbing and altering of windows. Moreover any renovation work that involves a total cost of more that $12,000 requires home warranty insurance too.

Cost of bathroom renovations:

Bathroom renovation quotes differ widely depending upon the materials and fittings incorporated. They are likely to cost from $8,600 to $25,000. This includes plastering, painting, electrical wiring, plumbing, altering of windows, replacement of fixtures and fittings, inclusions of cabinets and tiling work. This cost covers new walls, ceilings, tiles, paints, new drainage sytem and new electricals including exhaut fans. This cost also includes full-height tiling and good quality fixtures. There are different styles and materials of bathroom vanities available. If you want to implement expensive tiles and glass shower screens then you must be ready to spare a few more dollars.

Bathroom renovation procedure:

This is quite a complex process as many trades are included in the bathroom renovation work. To start with we have to initiate the demolition process which involves removal of concrete, metal mesh and the tiles. Bathtubs and other fittings are also disposed off. The debris is also to be removed and the bathroom drainage system is cleaned effectively. Proper care should be given to the bathroom ventilation also. Then the walls are constructed and plastered. Pipelines, drains, electrical outlets and switches are installed and fitted. Bathroom fixtures and fittings are also fixed. Before the tiling work is undertaken a 100% moisture-proof backer board is installed on the walls of the bathroom. Once the tiling work is done the cabinets, vanities, fixtures and counter tops are installed. Glasses, mirrors and hardware are fitted and finally the painting work is done which is the last phase in the renovation process.

Tips for effective bathroom renovation:

Finding experienced tradesperson to do the bathroom renovation work could be an intimidating task. To locate reliable and reasonably priced tradesperson you can ask for testimonials and recommendations from your friends. Get quotations from several tradespersons and compare them. Clearly communicate and convey your ideas to them to enable them to execute the work as per your requirements. The best thing is to prepare a renovation action plan clearly instructing about the colour scheme, finishes and the fixtures and fittings to be implemented.

Problems encountered in bathroom renovations:
1.Hiring a ‘Jack of all trades” contractor can give rise to a variety of problems.
2. Purchasing of mis-matched and inconsistent fixtures, fittings and hardwares.
3. Failure to complement finishes on the sink, toilet, bath tub and showers.
4. Implementing cheap materials can lower the cost but you have to compromise on the quality.
5. Incorporating poor flooring, backer boards and using cheap sealants.
6. Not hiring the services of a licensed plumber to do the plumbing operations.
Do-it-yourself bathroom renovation:

If it is a small bathroom DIY renovations can be cost-effective. The DIY renovators do all the work by themselves starting from the demolition to the painting. Unless otherwise they are specially experienced and skilled it it better to hire specialist tradespersons for each and every job for a satisfying renovating experience.


If you are interested in renovating your bathroom you can look out for bathroom designs and ideas by browsing the internet. Remember there are a hundred ways to implement beauty and style into your bathroom space.